Value Proposition

Project deliverables

Value Proposition

Job Creation

Phase one of the project will create over 25,000 jobs. The Asanita Agricultural Park on completion has a potential to create over 150,000 jobs.

Economic Value

The product is an import substitute as finished ethanol is a major import item, hence saving foreign exchange.

It has the potential for foreign exchange earning from export.

Good linkage effect with the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Social Value

Asanita is part of the United Nations Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) created to provide private sector leadership toward the achievement of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, hence we have committed to:

Improving the quality of life for the poor and reducing poverty especially for the vulnerable groups, which include women and young people.

Supporting our host community through CSR initiatives in education and health.

Steming illegal migration and human trafficking prevalent in Edo and Delta States through creating jobs and opportunities.

Why Ethanol?

There is a high demand of Ethanol in Nigeria with 450 million litres estimated use annually.

95% of Nigeria’s Ethanol requirement is imported as local production cannot meet the increasing local demand.

Commercial users of Ethanol are desirous of local suppliers as a way of eliminating importation costs.